Mansion & Campus

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Join us for Designers’ Showcase® 2015 at Mill Neck Manor…
“Where Art & Design emerge into Signs of Spring”
Open to the Public from May 2 thru June 14!
Mill Neck Manor, located on the prestigious North Shore of Long Island, is a
majestic Tudor Revival mansion. It is set on an 86-acre scenic estate overlooking
the Long Island Sound. The mansion, once called Sefton Manor, was owned by
Robert Leftwich Dodge and his wife, the cosmetics heiress Lillian Sefton Dodge.

In 1949, Lutheran Friends of the Deaf, the founding group of the Mill Neck Family Organizations,
purchased the property from Mrs. Dodge. Today, Mill Neck Manor and all of the surrounding
properties on the historic grounds continue to form the Mill Neck Family of Organizations' campus.
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