Mansion & Campus

Manor House and Grounds Preservation

The Manor brims over with precious artifacts and materials – fireplaces, chandeliers, stained glass windows, plaster ceilings, wood floors and stone. Preserving and restoring this historic Gold Coast mansion and its surrounding grounds is a massive undertaking supported by the Mill Neck Manor Board of Trustees and faithful supporters.

Major work over the last ten years has included projects such as:
  • replacing the entire slate roof
  • rewiring the first floor
  • refurbishing and rewiring interior and exterior light fixtures
  • new fire alarms
  • bathroom renovations
  • masonry and stone replacement and repairs
  • landscaping improvements and new fountain
  • painting and refinishing
  • new audio/visual technology and wireless internet

Currently, we are looking for donors to help fund:
  • masonry repointing of the stone exterior : $100,000
  • rewiring of the second and third floors: $100,000
  • plumbing updates: $25,000
  • furnishings and display materials: $25,000

To learn how you can help further our efforts, please contact Samantha Hallman at 516-628-4239 or